Welcoming John C. Fox

Published: 17 Mar 2014

Event Date: March 21th, 19:00
Costs: Free
Location: Orange Grove Athens
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The International Speaker Stage

Appsterdam Greece is proud to announce the second of a line of talks by some international members of the worldwide Appsterdam community.

As Appsterdammers travel around the world to work with each other, present on conference stages and hang out with their peers, we will pull them into Athens so you can meet them, pick their brains and show off all the great things Athens has to offer.

Our latest guest, John C. Fox (@djembe), will be presenting his ideas about "The passions of the software developer" in the second International Speaker Stage.

John C. Fox is an independent engineer that loves to travel, and experience different cultures and ways of living. He is known for the innovative MemoryMiner app, a platform for chronicling modern culture and society through the untold stories of our past and present.

His talk will not focus on technical aspects of engineering, programming languages and toolkits, but on the passions that inspire developers and make them excel in their work.

If you are looking for inspiration, and ways to make your everyday life and work more passionate and inventive.

If you are a software developer whose objective is to share their passion with others through software.

If you believe that our view of the world is intrinsically connected to our work and creativity.

John's talk is for you.

Talk Title

"The passions of the software developer"


Being a successful software engineer is way more than expertise in programming languages, SDKs and toolkits: facility with these things are mere “table stakes”. Your life passions and how you look at the world is what really matters, since it determines the types of inventive ideas you can come up with, how you'll attract attention to your work and how well you'll work with others. In this talk, I'll discuss how my life passions are front and center in the types of software I've developed. I'll make the case that what makes you a more interesting human being makes you a better developer.

About the presenter

Jon C. Fox (@djembe) is an App-Maker, specialized in Digital Storytelling, time-based media annotation, and Digital Asset Management software that's built-to-last. Expert iOS, Mac and Web Application software engineer, whose most recent work is the Findery app for iPhone. Widely-travelled, foodie, musician, photographer, family man.