Meeten en Drinken, The Summer Break Edition

Published: 04 Aug 2013

Last Wednesday, July 31st, Appsterdam Greece hosted a special edition of Meeten en Drinken.

At Café La Rambla in Athens around 45 App Makers gathered to meet each other, have a drink and say hi and goodbey before everybody will go to their vaction destination.

It was great to see all the familiar and new faces and we will be sure to continue the Weekly Meeten en Drinken from September onwards.


Coming week we will be visiting Thessaloniki. Although we will not be hosting a Meeten en Drinken, we do want meet up with as many people as possible in the two days we are there.

So if you are in town Thursday or Friday, let us know!

You can contact us by mailing us on, via Twitter or Facebook.

Or you can send us a message on our personal accounts @olmageddon or @spllr.

See you there!