The Summer is Ending, Back to Business

Published: 21 Aug 2013

The summer is and has been great, but September is nearing which means back to business.

Appsterdam Business

For Appsterdam Greece this means preparing for upcoming events and building a team of people to run and own the local Embassy.

The plans

We are planning to reinstate the Weekly Wednesday Meeten & Drinken as of September, but if there is any interest, we could start meeting again next week on August 28th.

Let us know you thoughts in this GitHub issue.

Getting Involved

We are looking for people to run the Appsterdam Greece Embassy.

Expanding the number of events is high on the priority list, and there will be a ton of stuff to do.

Have a look at the Appsterdam Meetup Page to get an idea of the events we host back in Amsterdam. If you see any you like, let us know and we can see how we can start it in Greece. Just open an issue in our issue tracker

If you would like to help out, the quickest way to get involved is jump onto GitHub and start participating via the issue tracker.

If you don't have a GitHub Account yet, you can open one for free.

Be sure to follow both the Appsterdam and Appsterdam Greece GitHub organizations.

And of course you can hit us up on Twitter and Facebook

See You Soon!

Enjoy the tail of the summer, and see you soon!