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The best place in the world to be and become an App Maker.

If you want to make movies, go to Hollywood.
If you want to make musicals, go to Broadway.
If you want to make apps, go to Appsterdam.

Mike Lee, Mayor and founder of Appsterdam

Our goal is to bring app makers together, and our mission is to support their interests worldwide. We established Amsterdam as the capital of Appsterdam – the world capital of apps – to establish a centre of gravity for our industry, to provide a place where all app makers can gather, and to create a framework for people to give back and support the community.

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Appsterdam Guru Session: Artificial Intelligence 101

Event Date: December 14th, 11:00am
Costs: €6,- at the door
Location: Stone Soup, Charilaou Trikoupi 18, 5th floor
Tickets: Get Your Ticket on EventBrite

About The Event

Appsterdam Guru Sessions are informal, very hands-on workshops to share a technology or a technique between App Makers. Explanation from your peers, open discussion and practical experience are key to these sessions.

Appsterdam Greece will host it's first Guru Session on Saturday December 14th.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI, may seem like a daunting topic to get started with.

But what are the mechanics of AI, what do you type, what are the basic ingredients you need to know about?

In this session Konstantinos Kostis of SciFY will introduce you to the basics of AI.

During the session you will be writing a spam filter from scratch and in doing so, you will get to know all about the jargon and the mechanics of machine learning. And although we can not cover everything, you should go home with enough understanding and muscle memory to start messing around with this interesting, useful and current discipline of computer science.

We open the doors at 10:00am and start at 11:00am sharp. There are limited seats available, so make sure you get your ticket.

Lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided. To cover the costs we charge €6.00 per person, you can pay at the door.

Bring Your Laptop!

You should bring your laptop. We will provide information over the week about what you should have installed.

But don't worry, there will be several people who can help you get set up during the event. Just make sure you arrive in time so they can help you.

If you don't have laptop to bring, lets us know via Twitter or Facebook.

About The Presenter

Konstantinos completed the undergraduate program of the Department of Informatics, of Athens University of Economics and Business, mainly focusing on Computer Systems & Computer Networks and Databases and Knowledge Management.

He was an intern student at the National Center for Scientific Research (Demokritos), Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications at the Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory. He is currently a volunteer Software Engineer at SciFY (a not for profit organization that produces software for everyone, for free) where he is involved at programming and machine learning tasks.

He is moving to Switzerland as he is accepted as a Technical Student at CERN!

About the Venue

Stone Soup will host the event at their space on Charilaou Trikoupi 18 in the center of Athens.

Get your ticket on EventBrite

Appsterdam OSS Launch Party: Lua Vision

We are happy to announce the first Appsterdam OSS Launch Party. We hope it will be the first of many.

On Thursday, December 5th, Yannis Gravezas will launch and present Lua Vision.

The Evening

You are welcome to join on Thursday, December 5th, from 19:30 EET at Stone Soup in Athens.

At 20:00, Yannis Gravezas will kick off the evening by presenting Lua Vision, what it is, how it works and how you can contribute.

Panos Xinos will introduce the Lua language, it's features and his real world experience with it.

Stefanos Kornilios Mitsis Poiitidis will explain LuaJit & FFI, a revolutionary concept that brings native performance to scripting

We will provide several workstations with Lua Vision installed connected to a Kinect and a projector, and you should bring your own machine to have some hands on fun. We will guide you through set up, answer any questions and help you discover Natural User Interfaces.

Some drinks and snacks will be provided and donations will be welcome to share in the costs.

Places are limited so please RSVP here.

Lua Vision, an Open Source Kinect module in Lua

Lua Vision is a module that provides facilities for using depth data in Lua. It's first target is the primesense chipset which powers the Microsoft Kinect.

Lua Vision is aimed at both coders and artists who want to create artistic and academic visuals driven by the Kinect.

The module features:

  • Triple buffering in a background thread handling frame delivery
  • simultaneous access of the depth frames from multiple threads
  • A fast blob tracking engine for basic analysis of the frames
  • Access to the raw depth data for further use eg with skeltrack
  • It uses the buffers provided from the void module or LuaJit FFI

About the Presenter

Yannis Gravezas is a software engineer with 15 years of experience in open Source and proprietary projects.

Yannis is one of the active contributors to the Open Kinect project.

During the day he writes front-end code and in the evenings he hacks on complex backend projects with Lua.

About The Venue

Stone Soup
Charilou Trikoupi 18, 5th floor
Event RSVP

Make sure to claim your ticket here.

The Summer is Ending, Back to Business

The summer is and has been great, but September is nearing which means back to business.

Appsterdam Business

For Appsterdam Greece this means preparing for upcoming events and building a team of people to run and own the local Embassy.

The plans

We are planning to reinstate the Weekly Wednesday Meeten & Drinken as of September, but if there is any interest, we could start meeting again next week on August 28th.

Let us know you thoughts in this GitHub issue.

Getting Involved

We are looking for people to run the Appsterdam Greece Embassy.

Expanding the number of events is high on the priority list, and there will be a ton of stuff to do.

Have a look at the Appsterdam Meetup Page to get an idea of the events we host back in Amsterdam. If you see any you like, let us know and we can see how we can start it in Greece. Just open an issue in our issue tracker

If you would like to help out, the quickest way to get involved is jump onto GitHub and start participating via the issue tracker.

If you don't have a GitHub Account yet, you can open one for free.

Be sure to follow both the Appsterdam and Appsterdam Greece GitHub organizations.

And of course you can hit us up on Twitter and Facebook

See You Soon!

Enjoy the tail of the summer, and see you soon!

Reposting "Calling All Greek App Makers"

Tomorrow it is exactly one year ago we announced the start of the Appsterdam Greece.

A lot has happened since then and more is coming.

To mark our first year we are reposting the original blog post which started it all.

A big thanks to all who supported us by making introductions with Greek communities, helping out and showing up.

And if you like to help out, get involved or have any questions, let us know via Twitter, GitHub or Facebook.

Calling All Greek App Makers

August 6th, 2012

The coming weeks I will be in Greece. Besides enjoying the sun and great food I want to help setup a Greek Appsterdam Embassy in Athens, where we will be the last week of August.

In the week we are there, we will help you get connected with the Appsterdam community, the local university and businesses. We will give you tips and tricks on how to run a volunteer-based organization, and have a look at which events would work well in Greece and how to get them started.

On Wednesday, the 29th of August, we will have a Meeten and Drinken to officially launch the Embassy. If all goes well, we will open a live connection with the Amsterdam Meeten en Drinken so we can meet each other in most direct way, considering the distance.

In the days leading up to this I will be at your full disposal to help—but you don’t have to wait for us to appear. Start now.

Meeten en Drinken

Appsterdam is a community and communities are made of people.

Although the internet allows us to connect and stay connected, there is no substitute for meeting each other in person.

We organize many events where people can come together and share thoughts, but none are as powerful as our weekly Meeten en Drinken.

It is important to have face time with your peers. Time to talk and share thoughts without a set agenda. This is how innovation gets stimulated and alliances get formed.

Meeten en Drinken is every Wednesday at 19:00, and is always at the same bar (or taverna). It would great if the first Meeten en Drinken of the Greek Embassy will take place on 22th of August or before.

You pick the place and start finding people who want to join. Let us know and we will help spread the word.

You will be amazed how powerful a room full of people with skills and ideas can be.

Appsterdam in the Sun

The Greek Embassy should be a hub for local talent—the place to be if you want to connect with your peers or find mentoring to become an App Maker—making the community visible and addressable.

One of the powerful things we provide in Amsterdam is an infrastructure allowing people to land in the city and have like-minded friends from the first day. People who will show them around, help them get setup, join them for dinner and drinks.

The Embassy should be a hub for international App Makers who would like to spend some time in a beautiful, sunny country with great food and people—and good wifi.

It should be a place where App Makers from all over the world come to spend some time working on their Apps, or recover from launching their products, while enjoying the pleasures of Greece. And while they are here, you get to drain all the knowledge from their brains.

They can help you get connected with clients abroad, share their network and knowledge—and they just might return the favor when you visit their home towns.

In other words, Appsterdam in the sun.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for App Makers and people who want to become or work with App Makers.

This means developers, designers, marketeers, project managers, lawyers, academics and anybody who can organize, create and get things done.

If you are working as an architect, painter or construction worker, but would like to get connected with an international crowd, we are looking for you.

If you want to get your hands dirty with programming, design or any other skill required to create and ship a quality digital product, you should get in touch.

Education is one of our biggest pillars. We share knowledge and educate each other. We have been doing this in Amsterdam, and we will be doing it in Greece.

Getting Organized

If you find yourself taking on the challenge of coordinating the Greek embassy here are some tips:

Get a buddy. You can not do it alone. Find someone to help.

Find a bar or taverna which will be the base of Meeten en Drinken—something not too crowded, with wifi. Make sure it is conveniently located and can be reached by public transportation.

Now start announcing. Twitter is a good way to start. We will make sure your tweets get amplified by retweeting from the @appsterdam account.

Start a blog with the details from the event, like location and other useful information. Perhaps write a post to introduce yourself and tell the world why you feel having a Greek Embassy is a good idea.

The first few times you meet it is a good idea to keep track of who shows up. Those are the people you are most likely be running the Embassy with. If you have an iPad, open a Notes or Numbers document and pass it around as a guestbook. Simple solutions are often the best.

But I Live In Thessaloniki!

If you can be in Athens while we are there, come over, help out and see how you can setup an Embassy elsewhere.

Knowing your fellow App Makers in different cities is a good thing, and we can use all the help we can get.

If you like to help remotely, I am sure we can find you something for you to do.

If you are a Greek App Maker living abroad, we would love to hear from you.

Get In Touch

If you want to help set up the Greek Appsterdam presence contact us. I can be found on twitter as @spllr , or send an email to

If you are not yet comfortable writing an email in English, no problem, we have Greek speakers in our organization. Just make sure the first sentence of your email is in English so we can identify what to forward.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

But The Crisis!

Yes, the crisis.

Read More About Appsterdam

About Appsterdam
Why we say App Makers
What is an app?

Meeten en Drinken, The Summer Break Edition

Last Wednesday, July 31st, Appsterdam Greece hosted a special edition of Meeten en Drinken.

At Café La Rambla in Athens around 45 App Makers gathered to meet each other, have a drink and say hi and goodbey before everybody will go to their vaction destination.

It was great to see all the familiar and new faces and we will be sure to continue the Weekly Meeten en Drinken from September onwards.


Coming week we will be visiting Thessaloniki. Although we will not be hosting a Meeten en Drinken, we do want meet up with as many people as possible in the two days we are there.

So if you are in town Thursday or Friday, let us know!

You can contact us by mailing us on, via Twitter or Facebook.

Or you can send us a message on our personal accounts @olmageddon or @spllr.

See you there!